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On may 18th 1918 Evert Sijbesma is born in the Frysian village of Tzummarum. Evert is one out of seven children from Jan and Anne Sijbesma. From the beginning Ever want to help others. “A special sweet and social boy” said older brother Sybe about him.



Work for Germany
The Germans are summoning dutch men to works for them. Many people do not want to work for the Germans and Evert is one of them. First he can do his normal job but because of german patrols he can no longer do that.

Evert Sijbesma pictures’s

Pictures of Evert Sijbesma and his family from the Frysian Tzummarum. Also pictures of the Dutch Forces.

To hide

Evert hides at the farm of the Jacobi family at the village of Veenwouden. At light he works for on the farm, at night he works for the Dutch Forces. Off course illegally, Germans can not know. Because of that he gets the pseudonym “Bauke Kingma”.



Radio Orange
In the beginning Evert brings illegal printed papers around. But on april 8th 1945 on the Dutch radio station “Radio Orange” the words “the bottle is empty” are spoken. The sign the freedom fighters are on the way to liberate the Netherlands. Also the sign for the Dutch Forces to start sabotaging and slow down the German forces.

Nowhere in the Netherlands the Dutch Forces have work so effectively as in Friesland

The Dutch Forces occupy strategic points. Evert guards, together with colleague Tjalling Talma, a waterpumpstation. The whole Frisian water supply could get into danger if the Germans sabotage the station.



the first Canadian
First the main task is waiting. Later they hear gunfire in the distance. The longer they wait how closer the sound of gunfire gets. Canadians? Germans? Out a battle-vehicle climbs a little fellow with red hair and a little mustache, the first Canadian!

truck come closer
More Canadians rolling by that afternoon. Later in the evening a truck approaches. The drives speaks dutch and because of that Evert and Tjalling let the truck come closer. Then gunfire sounds..



april 15th 1945

Tjalling is being hit to his leg, Evert on his belly. THe next day, april 15th, Evert dies at his injuries. Only 26 years old. Later the same day Talma dies. A day later liberation is celebrated.

Between the celebrating people Evert is buried.

Evert Sijbesma is remembered on several way.

Even today there is an waterpumpstation at Noordbergum on the site where it where in 1945. In the main hall a remembrance plaque can be found.

In the Frisian museum in the city of Leeuwarden there is a remembrance wall with all the Frisian resistance fighters who have died.

In Tzummarum a street has been named after Evert Sijbesma.

On the map below several key locations can be found.

The grave of Evert Sijbesma can be found on the churchyard of Tzummarum. The grave is a Dutch War Grave and has a 2 meter size column, crowned with a flame and Dutch lion engraved.

On the column is written